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Monday, February 20, 2012

Haters, Thank You for Hating [a tale of a broken vase]

Dear haters, thank you for hating
for talking behind my back about the things you know nothing about
for judging me just as thick as skin deep
to you, I might be just flesh and bone, heartless and absent minded
got nothing to be proud of and would be such a waste of time just to have me around
but oh, wait, thanks to you my dear haters, those who love me, keep sticking around, knowing that I have so much more to offer, 'cause they look deeper

Just like a broken vase, shattered and wrecked,
no matter how hard I've tried to glued myself back,
the scars remain within...visible for you to see and even touch
and if you condemned me for what you could witness, do I have the right to be angry?
I just let it be. What more can I say to proof that you're wrong?
For what I know, whatever good or bad, a vase is still a vase
designed to hold the greatest gift God made, beautiful flowers here and there
and though it may look ugly from the outside, what's kept inside doesn't stop the vase from standing out from the rest
it still shines, effortlessly

and thanks to you dear haters, now I realize that, those who love me, will still be loving me and accepting me for who I am and not for who I was

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