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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Dear, to you I might be just a shadow,
haunting your present and might never make it to the future
as invisible as the air that you breathe and been trying so hard just to make you see,
someone who's willing to go the distance for you, and could care less of waiting in vain

Been wondering if I could somehow be the one who put the smile on your face every time you're near,
and be the one who you will be missing whenever we're far apart
I know for sure that I might never be able to erase the memories or mend the heart once broken, sometimes in your past
but if you only let me, I would die just to make sure that you're happy whenever I'm around
catch the stars for you and chase the storm away, if only you wish

Don't ask me how or even questioning why,
what I'm feeling for you is beyond of what I could have imagined,
I might not fit in or even worthy enough for you to fight for,
but if only you willing to try, I'll keep your heart from tearing apart in pieces
there's nothing I wouldn't do, and nothing that I could not do, when it is about you....

To you, I might be just a shadow,
and I'm hoping someday, one day, you'll be able to see me, the way that I see you