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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh, Dear Child Abuser, I Thank You For....

For making me the way I am today
for letting me know "homo homini lupus" are so damn real
you're such a predator for your own kind, but wait, no fair, not the helpless one, please!
But anyway, thank you, oh dear abuser,
what is failed to kill me is the one that made me stronger
well, the bruises might seem to stay for a while, but not for long, cause I'm spreading my wings higher
I used to hide behind closed curtains
counting your steps while watching you fade away
been trying so hard to scream yet only whispers could be heard
having trouble sleeping just to chase the nightmares away
still, there were no night passed without you haunting my mind
and imprisoning me till I found it was so damn hard to breathe
Now, scars are the only proof of what you've been marking,
but tell you what, it ain't bring me down, not until the day till my flesh rot on the deeper ground
you can made me bleed my heart away, but can never take what I have left, neither my pride nor dignity
So, my dear abuser, thank you for making me realize this;

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